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Ternopil Ivan Puluj National Technical University

Факультет прикладних інформаційних технологій та електроінженерії

Кафедра електричної інженерії

Electrical engineering at Civil Engineering


Major 192 - Будівництво та цивільна інженерія (бакалавр)
Field of knowledge 19 Архітектура та будівництво
Academic degree bachelor's
Course type required
special education
Study start course 2
Semesters 3
Form of education full-time
Study hours structure
32– lectures
16– laboratory classes
Amount of hours for individual work 72
ECTS credits 4
Form of final examination credit
Academic degree Cand. Sc.
Academic title Assoc. Prof.
Full name Кuzemko Nataliia
Prerequirements (prerequisite courses)
Mathematics, physics 
Course goals and learning objectives
The purpose of the course study is theoretical and practical training of students, familiarization with the principles of use in the technology of electromagnetic phenomena, electric machines, transformers. Successful acquisition of the course will help students to deeper learn a number of special sciences that will be studied later. 
Course description
Lectures DC circuits
AC circuits
Three-phases circuits
Electromagnetic devices
Electrical machines
Laboratory classes Investigation of energy transfer from source to consumer.
Investigation of mixed connection of resistive elements.
Investigation of resistor, coil and capacitor in AC circuit.
Investigation of coil and capacitor serial and parallel connections.
Investigation of WYE connection of three-phase circuit.
Inductive coil with ferromagnetic core.
Inductive motor.
Assessment criteria
Tests 15+20 balls
Labworks 40 balls 
Recommended reading list. Subject Resources
1. Basic Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering, By Giorgio Rizzoni
Copyright: 2009.
2.Electrical engineering. Principles and applications. Allan.R.Hambley
3. Electrical engineering. Fundamentals Vincent del Toro.
4. Electrical Engineering: Know It All. Authors: Clive Maxfield John Bird Tim Williams Walt Kester Dan Bensky.
5. Electrical engineering. Lectures. Kuzemko.N.,2019.
6. Electrical engineering. Laboratory works. Kuzemko.N.,2019.
7. Electrical engineering. Practicum. Kuzemko.N.,2018. 
Course author
Cand. Sc., Assoc. Prof. Куземко Наталія Анатоліївна 
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