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Каф. електричної інженерії

Electrotechnical and structural materials (Part ''lighting materials'')


1. Educational programs for which discipline is mandatory:

# Educational stage Broad field Major Educational program Course(s) Semester(s)
1 bachelor's 14. Електрична інженерія 141. Електроенергетика, електротехніка та електромеханіка (бакалавр) 2 4

2. The course is offered as elective for all levels of higher education and all educational programs.

3. Information about the author of the course

Full name Chubatiy Yuriy Olegovich
Academic degree none
Academic title none
Link to the teacher`s page on the official website of the University
Е-mail (in the domain

4. Information about the course

Study hours structure Lectures: 16
Practical classes: 0
Laboratory classes: 8

Amount of hours for individual work: 54
ECTS credits: 2
Teaching language english
Form of final examination credit
differentiated credit
Link to an electronic course on the e-learning platform of the university

5. Program of discipline

The place of academic discipline in the structural and logical scheme of study according to the educational program

Prerequisites. List of disciplines, or knowledge and skills, possession of which students needed (training requirements) for successful discipline assimilation

Higher mathematics, general physics.

Contents of the academic discipline

Lectures (titles/topics)

1. Classification of materials for light engineering. The interaction of light materials engineered with optical radiation spectrum.
2. Physical phenomena in materials for light engineering.
3. Reflective materials.
4. Materials for light transmission.
5. Absorbing materials.
6. Light-emitting materials.
7. Special lighting materials.

Laboratory classes (topics)

1. Determination of the scattering indicator of the reflected and transmitted radiation of the material.
2. Investigation of thermal properties of lighting glass. Determination of impact resistance of glass products of different brands.
3. Determination of reflection and transmission coefficients of the studied materials.
4. Determination of the structure of tungsten filament (spiral) as a light-emitting body.

Learning materials and resources

1. Мєшков В.В. „Основы светотехники”, ч.1. М. „Энергия”, 1985.
2. Глєбов Б.Н. та інші “Світлотехніка. Довідник”, Л.: Судостроение, 1984.
3. Гуревич М.М. “Фотометрия (теория, методы, приборы)”, Л. “Энергоатомиздат”, 1983.
4. Гуторов М.М. „Основы светотехники и источники света”, М. „Энергоатомиздат”, 1983.
5. Справочная книга по светотехнике, під ред. Ю.Б.Айзенберга. – М.: Энергоатомиздат, 2000.
6. Мельников Ю.Ф. “Светотехнические материалы”, М, “Энергия”, 1972.
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