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Ternopil Ivan Puluj National Technical University

Факультет економіки та менеджменту

Кафедра менеджменту та адміністрування

Corporate Management


Major 073 - Менеджмент (магістр)
Field of knowledge 7 Управління та адміністрування
Academic degree master's
Course type required
special education
Study start course 5
Semesters 10
Form of education full-time
Study hours structure
28– lectures
14– practical classes
Amount of hours for individual work 78
ECTS credits 4
Form of final examination exam
Academic degree Sc.D.
Academic title Prof.
Full name Сороківська Олена Анатоліївна
Prerequirements (prerequisite courses)
Economic theory, economics and enterprise finance, management, accounting and auditing, law, strategic management, innovation management, finance, money and credit, business analysis, exchange activities, economic forecasting, management decision-making methods, international management, entrepreneurship, strategic analysis. 
Course goals and learning objectives
Purpose of the “Corporate Management” is forming the system of special knowledge in the field of corporate activity, management of enterprises, corresponding competences based on mastering the main theoretical positions and the necessary practical skills that allow implementing the processes of corporate management effectively.
A student has to demonstrate such learning outcomes on the discipline:
 to study the theoretical foundations and principles of corporate Management;
 to form the concept of the corporate culture;
 to analyze international standards in the branch of corporate Management;
 to the research of the methodical principles of the corporate organization;
 to develop a system of information monitoring in the management of the corporation;
 to study the legal mechanisms of management of state corporate rights;
 to acquire skills in making important practical decisions in the field of corporate Management. 
Course description
Lectures Subject and system of the course "Corporate Management". International Сorporate Management standards. Economic partnerships as an organizational and legal form of entrepreneurship. Corporate securities. Management bodies of joint-stock companies. Organization of corporations. Shareholder status and protection of his rights. Corporate finance. The role of information in the Сorporate Management process. Management of state corporate rights.
Practical classes Principles of Сorporate Management of the Confederation of European Associations of Shareholders. Constituent documents of a business partnership. Composition and legal regime of the property of the economic partnership. Functions of registrars and custodians. Stock deals. Securities traders and trade organizers. Audit commission of the joint-stock company. Functional structuring of the corporation. Features of the legal status of the founders of a joint-stock company. State dividend policy. Assessment of state corporate rights.
Course author
Сороківська Олена Анатоліївна 
Дата останнього оновлення: 2020-11-07 20:22:22