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Ternopil Ivan Puluj National Technical University

Факультет прикладних інформаційних технологій та електроінженерії

Кафедра електричної інженерії

Power Plants


Major 141 - Електроенергетика, електротехніка та електромеханіка (бакалавр)
Field of knowledge 14 Електрична інженерія
Academic degree bachelor's
Course type required
special education
Study start course 3
Semesters 6
Form of education full-time
Study hours structure
32– lectures
32– laboratory classes
Amount of hours for individual work 56
ECTS credits 4
Form of final examination
Academic degree Cand. Sc.
Academic title Assoc. Prof.
Full name Koval Vadim Petrovich
Course goals and learning objectives
The purpose of the academic discipline study: the study of the full spectrum of currently available power generation options, from traditional fossil fuels. Technology solutions such as combined heat and power and distributed generation are also explored 
Course description
Lectures Theme 1. An Introduction to Electricity Generation
Theme 2. Coal-fired Power Plants .
Theme 3. Natural Gas–fired Gas Turbines and Combined
Theme 4. Combined Heat and Power.
Theme 5. Fuel Cells.
Theme 6. Hydropower.
Theme 7. Nuclear Power.
Theme 8. Power System Energy Storage Technologies.
Laboratory classes Introductory lesson (safety rules). «Measurement in the electricity system.»
Measurement of active and reactive power
Power factor in electrical
Measurement of the amount of electricity consumed
Study of buildings and working of three-phase power transformers in electrical supply systems
Studying electrical loads schedule
Recommended reading list. Subject Resources
1. Power Generation Technologies. 2nd Edition.
2. Energy Technology Perspectives; International Energy Agency: Paris, France, 2008.
3. Lovegrove, K.; Luzzi, A.; Soldiani, I.; Kreetz, H. Developing ammonia based thermochemical energy storage for dish power plants. Solar Energ. 2004, 76, 331–337.
4. Solar Millennium The Parabolic Trough Power Plants Andasol 1 to 3; Solar Millennium AG: Erlangen, Germany, 2009.
5. Montes, M.J.; Abánades, A.; Martínez-Val, J.M. Performance of a direct steam generation solar thermal power plant for electricity production as a function of the solar multiple. Solar Energ. 2008, 83, 679–689.
6. Schott AG Memorandum on Solar Thermal Power Plant Technology; Schott AG: Mainz, Germany, 2005. 
Course author
Cand. Sc., Assoc. Prof. Koval Vadim Petrovich 
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