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Каф. будівельної механіки

Construction machinery


1. Educational programs for which discipline is mandatory:

# Educational stage Broad field Major Educational program Course(s) Semester(s)
1 bachelor's 19. Архітектура та будівництво 192. Будівництво та цивільна інженерія (бакалавр) 3 5

2. The course is offered as elective for all levels of higher education and all educational programs.

3. Information about the author of the course

Full name Ihnatieva Viktoriia
Academic degree PhD
Academic title Assoc. Prof.
Link to the teacher`s page on the official website of the University
Е-mail (in the domain

4. Information about the course

Study hours structure Lectures: 32
Practical classes: 32
Laboratory classes: 0

Amount of hours for individual work: 71
ECTS credits: 4,5
Teaching language english
Form of final examination credit
Link to an electronic course on the e-learning platform of the university

5. Program of discipline

Description of academic discipline, its goals, subject of study and learning outcomes

The purpose Formation of specialized competence in the ability to make a reasonable choice of sets of machines and equipment for the implementation of construction operations based on comprehensive knowledge of modern construction machines and equipment.
A student has to demonstrate such learning outcomes on the discipline:
- know: basic concepts related to construction equipment; main parts and units of construction machines, their mechanisms, drives; construction tool; classi-fication of construction machines; design features of various construction machines; the principle of operation of construction machines; methods for calculating the main technical and economic indicators of construction machines;
- understand: the relationship between the correct establishment of types of work, the operating conditions of construction equipment, the calculation of indica-tors of construction machines and the choice of construction equipment for con-struction work;
- be able to: using the basic concepts related to construction equipment, clas-sify construction equipment and apply methods for calculating the main technical and economic indicators of construction machines to select construction equipment, taking into account the type and conditions of construction work;
- analyze:
- the results of calculations of the main technical and economic indicators of construction machines and the choice of construction equipment;
- functional features of modern construction machines and mechanisms;
- options for a technological set of machines, means of mechanization and transport for choosing the most optimal option for planning construction work;
- synthesize: the results of the analysis of calculations and the choice of con-struction equipment;
- to evaluate: the correctness of calculations of the main technical and eco-nomic indicators of construction machines and the choice of construction equip-ment.

Contents of the academic discipline

Lectures (titles/topics)

Topic 1. General provisions on construction equipment.
Topic 2. The structure of a construction machine.
Topic 3. Transport, transport and loading and unloading machines
Topic 4. Construction hand tools.
Topic 5. Hoisting machines and equipment.
Topic 6. Load gripping devices.
Topic 7. Cargo and traction flexible bodies.
Topic 8. Construction cranes
Topic 9. Self-propelled boom cranes.
Topic 10. General provisions on machines for earthworks. Single bucket excavators.
Topic 11. Multi-bucket excavators.
Topic 12. Earth-moving vehicles.
Topic 13. Machines for drilling.
Topic 14. Machines for soil compaction
Topic 15. Machines for pile work.
Topic 16. Machines and equipment for concrete and reinforced concrete products.

Practical classes (topics)

1. Traction calculation of motor transport
2. Belt conveyor calculation.
3. Determination of the productivity and the number of transport units servicing the one-bucket loader
4. Calculation of cargo winch.
5. Determination of the productivity of the passing cranes.
6. Calculation of single bucket excavators.
7. The choice of the trencher and the calculation of the duration of its work under operating conditions.
8. Traction calculation and determination of the performance of the bulldozer.

Laboratory classes (topics)

not included in the program

Learning materials and resources

David A. Day, Neal B. H. Benjamin. Construction equipment. Guide. – New York: John Wiley & Sons, inc., 1991.- 437 р.
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