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Каф. будівельної механіки

Structures, Buildings and Facilities


1. Educational programs for which discipline is mandatory:

# Educational stage Broad field Major Educational program Course(s) Semester(s)
1 bachelor's 19. Архітектура та будівництво 192. Будівництво та цивільна інженерія (бакалавр) 3 5

2. The course is offered as elective for all levels of higher education and all educational programs.

3. Information about the author of the course

Full name Ihnatieva Viktoriia
Academic degree PhD
Academic title Assoc. Prof.
Link to the teacher`s page on the official website of the University http://library.tntu.edu.ua/personaliji/a/i/ihnatjeva-viktorija-borysivna/
Е-mail (in the domain tntu.edu.ua) vikto_igna@tntu.edu.ua

4. Information about the course

Study hours structure Lectures: 32
Practical classes: 32
Laboratory classes: 0

Amount of hours for individual work: 86
ECTS credits: 5,0
Teaching language english
Form of final examination exam
Link to an electronic course on the e-learning platform of the university https://dl.tntu.edu.ua/bounce.php?course=4711

5. Program of discipline

Description of academic discipline, its goals, subject of study and learning outcomes

The purpose: Formation of specialized competence in the ability to design building structures, buildings and structures, applying calculation methods and basic design principles based on knowledge of basic concepts concerning building structures, buildings and structures, their classification, calculation methods, basic design principles, as well as laws and regulations.
A student has to demonstrate such learning outcomes on the discipline:
- know: basic concepts that relate to building structures and engineering struc-tures, their classification, design features, calculation methodology and basic design principles, legislative and regulatory documents related to a certain type of building structures and engineering structures;
- understand: the relationship between the correct calculations of building structures and engineering structures, their design and construction quality;
- apply: calculation methods and basic principles of designing various build-ing structures and engineering structures for calculating and designing these struc-tures and structures;
- analyze: the results of calculations and design of various building structures and engineering structures;
- synthesize: results of analysis of calculations and design of various building structures and engineering structures;
- evaluate: the correctness of calculations and design of various building structures and engineering structures.

Contents of the academic discipline

Lectures (titles/topics)

Topic 1. General information about building structures, buildings and structures. Fundamentals of calculation of building structures, buildings and structures for limiting states.
Topic 2. Loads and impacts. Calculation schemes.
Topic 3. Basics of calculating building structures operating in compression. Calculation of steel columns and wooden posts.
Topic 4. Stretched elements
Topic 5. Calculation of reinforced concrete columns and brick pillars for compression.
Topic 6. Basics of calculating building structures working in bending. Calculation of steel and timber beams.
Topic 7. Calculation of reinforced concrete beams and slabs working in bending
Topic 8. Bases and foundations
Topic 9. Highways, streets and roads: design basics and calculation.
Topic 10. Highways, streets and roads: roadbed.
Topic 11. Railways
Topic 12. Retaining wall.
Topic 13. Bridge structures and pipes on highways and city roads.
Topic 14. Tunnels
Topic 15. Airfields.
Topic 16. Water facilities

Practical classes (topics)

1. Design characteristics of materials
2. Calculation of floor loads
3. Calculation of loads on roofing, beam and column
4. Calculation of steel columns
5. Selection of the section of a wooden rack
6. Calculation of reinforced concrete columns
7. Calculation of retaining walls
8. Calculation of the length of the runway in the local conditions of the aerodrome

Laboratory classes (topics)

not included in the program

Learning materials and resources

Malcolm Millais. Buildin structure. – London, 2005.- 412 р.
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