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Ternopil Ivan Puluj National Technical University

Факультет комп'ютерно-інформаційних систем і програмної інженерії

Кафедра комп'ютерних наук

Operating Systems


Major 122 - Комп’ютерні науки та інформаційні технології (бакалавр)
Field of knowledge 12 Інформаційні технології
Academic degree bachelor's
Course type required
special education
Study start course 3
Semesters 5
Form of education full-time
Study hours structure
32– lectures
64– laboratory classes
Amount of hours for individual work 78
ECTS credits 5
Form of final examination credit
Academic degree PhD
Full name Nazarevych Oleg Bogdanovych
Course goals and learning objectives
Operating System
Any software engineer should have a good understanding of Operating Systems and how they function. In this video tutoial, the tutor covers all the fundamental concepts of operating systems in a clear and concise manner. We will start with a brief introduction and then move on to cover a range of topics such as Process Management, Threads, Scheduling of CPU, Process Synchronization, and Deadlocks. In addition, we will also discuss Memory Management, File System, and Input and Output systems. 
Course description
Lectures OS - Getting Started
OS - Process
OS - Threads
CPU Scheduling
Process Synchronization
Memory Management
Virtual Memory
File System
Input Output System
Disk Management
System Securit
Laboratory classes Lab1 Linux (beginners)
Lab 2 Linux (middle)
Lab 3 Linux (advanced)
Recommended reading list. Subject Resources
1. Introduction to Operating Systems by Georgia Institute of Technology Offered at Georgia Tech as CS 8803
2. Advanced Operating Systems by Georgia Institute of Technology Abstractions and Virtualization 
Course author
PhD Nazarevych Oleg Bogdanovych 
Дата останнього оновлення: 2020-11-12 15:12:42