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Ternopil Ivan Puluj National Technical University

Факультет комп'ютерно-інформаційних систем і програмної інженерії

Кафедра математичних методів в інженерії

Discrete mathematics


Major 122 - Комп’ютерні науки та інформаційні технології (бакалавр)
Field of knowledge 12 Інформаційні технології
Academic degree bachelor's
Course type required
general education
Study start course 1
Semesters 2
Form of education full-time
Study hours structure
18– lectures
36– practical classes
ECTS credits 4.5
Form of final examination credit
Academic degree Sc.D.
Academic title Prof.
Full name Oleh Yasniy
Course description
Lectures Lecture 1. Logic And Sets. Sentences. Tautologies and Logical Equivalence. Sentential Functions and Sets. Set Functions. Quantifier Logic. Negation.
Lecture 2. Relations and Functions. Relations. Equivalence Relations. Equivalence Classes. Functions.
Lecture 3. The natural numbers. Introduction. Induction.
Lecture 4. Division And Factorization. Division. Factorization. Greatest Common Divisor. An Elementary Property of Primes.
Lecture 5. Languages. Introduction. Regular Languages.
Lecture 6. Finite State Machines. Introduction. Pattern Recognition Machines. An Optimistic Approach. Delay Machines. Equivalence of States. The Minimization Process. Unreachable States.
Lecture 7. Finite State Automata. Deterministic Finite State Automata. Equivalence of States and Minimization. Non-Deterministic Finite State Automata. Regular Languages. Conversion to Deterministic Finite State Automata. A Complete Example.
Lecture 8. Turing Machines. Introduction. Design of Turing Machines. Combining Turing Machines. The Busy Beaver Problem. The Halting Problem.
Lecture 9. Groups And Modulo Arithmetic. Addition Groups of Integers. Multiplication Groups of Integers. Group Homomorphism.
Course author
Sc.D., Prof. Oleh Yasniy 
Дата останнього оновлення: 2020-12-15 12:39:33